Saturday, May 20, 2017

One poem by Hangyug Agyat


                             -- HANGYUG AGYAT

When soil makes love
To water
And becomes mud after impregnation,
Then in the radiance of the sun
Is born

I played in the same dust,
I grew up in the same dust.
Dust is my friend, like Sudama* was.

The dust accumulated
In the middle of books and scriptures
Remind me of my standing
Every time I cast my eyes on them.  
Scribbled I had
My first 'A'
Also on a dhulaut*,
While playing on dusty roads, I had written
Even my name on dust.
I don't have to condemn dust
To look neat and clean. 

May they
They who have got to 'Singha Durbar*' or 'Red Carpet'
Not forget the particle of your existence.
Dear dust, you are the microcosm of soil of earth.

May those who live in the houses of concrete
Understand that
That house is erect
All because of the strong combination, strong uplifting
Of the dust.
And if the dust takes its hands off, being exhausted,
That house will of dust in just a matter of seconds.
If the dust takes its hands off, the palaces will of dust,
Bridges and hills will be of dust,
Walls and pyramids, villages and cities
All will of dust if the dust takes its hands off,
Even the earth will be of dust.

Dust is all-pervasive in my heart.
I will have to live my life with it,
With it,
I will have to take a journey of nirvana*.
I do not dust off the dust from myself
Just because I have moved to a house of concrete,
Just because I have read some bulky books
As I myself
Am balanced on dust.

Dust, the offspring of soil,
Is so dear to me!

Sudama the most loyal and beloved friend (also, a true devotee) of lord Krishna

Dhulaut A small wooden board used as a writing pad in the past; people would spread either soil-color or dust over it and then write.

Singha Durbar a palace built in 1908, during the Rana regime, by Chandra Shumsher. Later, many buildings were added to it, and now it is a national property being used to house different ministries and other offices

Nirvana In Hinduism and Buddhism, nirvana is taken as a state of enlightenment; a place of perfect peace and happiness, like heaven

(Translation: HARIS ADHIKARI)



                       — हाङयुग अज्ञात

जब पानीसँग सम्भोग गर्छ
र पेट बोकेर हिलो बन्छ
तब जन्मिन्छ घामको उज्यालोमा धुलो
मलाई धुलो प्यारो लाग्छ

तेहि धुलोसँग खेलें
तेहि धुलोमा हुर्कें
धुलो मेरो साथी हो सुदामाजस्तै

किताबको बीचमा बसेको धुलोले
हरेकचोटि मेरो हैसियत सम्झाइदिन्छ
धुलौटमै लेखें पहिलो अक्षर "अ"
धुलोको बाटोमा खेल्दाखेल्दै धुलोमै लेखें नाम पनि
सुकिलो हुन धुलोको निन्दा गर्नै पर्दैन मैले

धुलो टेकेर "सिंहदरबार" या "रेड कार्पेट" पुगेकाहरू
नबिर्सिउन् तिम्रो अस्तित्वको कण
प्रिय धुलो, तिमी माटोको कण हौ कण

क्रङ्क्रीटको घरमा बस्नेहरूले बुझुन्
कि धुलोको मजबुत हातेमालोले उभिएको हो त्यो घर
थाकें भनेर हात छोड्यो भने धुलोले
एकैछिनमा धुलोको हुनेछ त्यो घर
धुलोले हात छोड्यो भने दरबारहरू धुलोको हुनेछ
पुल र पहाडहरू धुलोको हुनेछ
पर्खाल र पिरामिडहरू धुलोको हुनेछ
गाउँ र शहर धुलोको हुनेछ
पृथ्वी धुलोको हुनेछ

धुलो मेरो मनभरि व्याप्त छ
धुलोसँगै बाँच्नु छ मैले जिन्दगी
धुलोसँगै गर्नु छ निर्वाण-यात्रा
कङ्क्रीटको घरमा सरें भन्दैमा
ठूल्ठूला किताब पढें भन्दैमा
आफूबाट म धुलो टक्टक्यादिनँ
किनभने धुलोमा अडिएको छु म

माटोको सन्तान धुलो
मलाई धुलो प्यारो लाग्छ ।